Sleep Health Ecosystem

Apart from providing sleep test and diagnosis, we also ensure you are taken care of within the entire Sleep Health Ecosystem.  As we are working very closely with various specialists, GPs and Sleep Coaches, we are able to suggest to you the appropriate healthcare giver for your treatment options, within our Digital Platform.

Step 1

Patient registering for the SleepImage Test online

Step 2

Arrangement of test kit collection / delivery

Step 3

Patient perform sleep test in the comfort of their own home

Step 4

Sleep test result uploaded into the SleepImage Cloud for processing

Step 5

SleepImage result reviewed by partner specialist

Step 6

Patient referred to appropriate specialist (physical or online consultation)


Treatment for patient as recommended by specialist

Step 8

Future monitoring with SleepImage to track treatment progress at an affordable price

*Note: Test kits can be collected at BMEC Sleep Care office or Dr Kenneth Oo’s clinic at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre.  If delivery is preferred, delivery fee will be incurred. Our staff will contact you for the arrangement of sleep test kit collection/delivery.